Mr Bojangels is one hell of a man….Panama Hat

Just when he thinks his dog is fine….

ugly dog2

His dog up n dies on him…

ugly dog1

But this old Hobo aint for turnin’ till he reaches the big rock candy mountains…

Lion, John Parker, Escape Route

The cops’ legs there are made of wood and the prisons are only tin…

Escape Route, John Parker, Humor

Little streams of alcohol leads me to my wee Suzies…

Ysmenia wedding dress

Take me down little Suzie…


Take me down some more baby….

Old bull chick 2 see you Jimmy

And some more…

Old Bull chick 1 see you jimmy

And some more… send me dead flowers when you’re done.. I’ll put a rose on your grave…

girl asleep in tree

They make me feel like a Hill-Billy…


Lord help me in my weakness as they carry me from the court-room to my hanging…

Can u le nd me a razor????

The jury are crying for more…



Take me Home with you tonight…


Och aye.. Am glad to be a Scot…

Y, M,A,I & me bar

And an Artist… and double Author… Me????

ZimbabweI‘ve crossed every bridge and asked nothing from no-one…

bridgeCan a man really love every woman he has slept with…

vestThis one can. Take me down little Suzie…

Me bar black hat bucaneroJohn Parker… Still out on the road…Skin like iron… and breathe like kerosene… That’s the way it goes.

Oh the duty I have to my nation? Diary of John Parker

Today, I had to abide to my duties and go along to the Greenock Sheriff court whereupon we do hitherto hang the bastards.

I was most disappointed on hearing none of such cut-throates can be hanged this day and they gave me my leave,

Whereupon they did invite me to return in the morrow… And for the next two weeks until we hanged all of the cut-throats,

Which pleases me much, Amen,

I think we should take these scum out of jail and hang the fuck outta them….

Stuart ‘It’s a knockout’ Hall…Stuart-HallJimmy ‘Fixed it’ Saville…. (We can still dig him up and hang him),Jimmy-Saville-at-his-home-011Rolph ‘Can-ya-guess-what-it-is-yet?’ Harris…Rolf-Harris-arrives-at-Southwark-Crown-CourtAnd Gary ‘Wanna-be-in-my-gang?’ Glitter…Gary-GlitterHhat-ja say Clifford…cliffUh-huh-huh, it’s all in the catch-phrase….

Fucking string-em up.

Alex Salmond wonders how he ever grew up at all!!!

Freedom come, Freedom go!!! Campaign goes to ground!!!

Alex 1Never mind Alex… Want a tip for the 3.30 @ Ayr????

AlexYou can still bet on a horse using the Scottish pound!!

z pound noteyAnd you are still loved by one bug-fuck ugly mare…


Scotland’s biggest joke since Bonny Prince Charlie!!!!


Diary of John Parker. Today! Sunday! Sometime in July!! I wrote a song???

Title:- Sun-m-va-bitch.

Lyrics:- John M. Parker.

Music:- Albert Hammond/Warren Zeavon/Jimmie Rodgers.

(Music has been stolen, of course, and the artist John M. Parker will deny all knowledge)

The secret of an artist is to be able steal asunder the nose of a genius without him noticing!!!!


Verse 1.

Sauntering along giving public notice of a gait which boasts a no part lacking totally wrong attitude,

Displaying the vicious and profligate manner of a wreck-less, scholar pirate living the life of a Derring-do Dude.

Yo-de-leyee-a-alayee-a-ay-eee-oooo. (That was a yodel boys!!!)

Here the female singers enter for the chorus:-

Rosalita:-roseAnd Hing-a-mi-jig:-OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey sing the chorus of:-




(Just soo—-0000 me)

Verse 2.

Hell yeah Reverend, I am very acquainted with the seven deadly sins and it takes me all my time just to fit them all in,

But I’d like a job like yours, just making a business out of the goodness of life, and what there is to be got out of sin.


And the chorus girls:-

AS BEFORE, with a little bit more blues.

Verse 3.

Well Reverend, first and foremost, I’m in the entertainment business, and I find your candor unrefreshed.

In fact, smells like a good gust of shit has just blown over it, so about time we burned our shoe-soles and left.


And the chorus girls:-

We going up a bar now, and faster…still blues.

Verse 4. (Up a bar more)


For years and years I’ve rambled,

I drank my wine and I gambled.

One day I thought I’d settle down.

I met a perfect lady,

She said she’d be my baby,

We built a cottage in the old home town.


But somehow I can’t forget my good old rambling days.

The railroad train is calling me always,

I may be rough, I may be wild, I may be tough and county filed,

But I can’t give up my good old rough and rowdy ways.

Chorus girls:-

On same higher and faster key. (Hay-monn)

Verse 5.

I spent my life among among rough men ruled by their passions and addictions, a totally reprehensible bunch of goons,

And like them, I vary between, tipsy drunk, walking drunk, and dead drunk, depending on the time of day or state of the moons.