Mr Bojangels is one hell of a man….Panama Hat

Just when he thinks his dog is fine….

ugly dog2

His dog up n dies on him…

ugly dog1

But this old Hobo aint for turnin’ till he reaches the big rock candy mountains…

Lion, John Parker, Escape Route

The cops’ legs there are made of wood and the prisons are only tin…

Escape Route, John Parker, Humor

Little streams of alcohol leads me to my wee Suzies…

Ysmenia wedding dress

Take me down little Suzie…


Take me down some more baby….

Old bull chick 2 see you Jimmy

And some more…

Old Bull chick 1 see you jimmy

And some more… send me dead flowers when you’re done.. I’ll put a rose on your grave…

girl asleep in tree

They make me feel like a Hill-Billy…


Lord help me in my weakness as they carry me from the court-room to my hanging…

Can u le nd me a razor????

The jury are crying for more…



Take me Home with you tonight…


Och aye.. Am glad to be a Scot…

Y, M,A,I & me bar

And an Artist… and double Author… Me????

ZimbabweI‘ve crossed every bridge and asked nothing from no-one…

bridgeCan a man really love every woman he has slept with…

vestThis one can. Take me down little Suzie…

Me bar black hat bucaneroJohn Parker… Still out on the road…Skin like iron… and breathe like kerosene… That’s the way it goes.

Gentlemen… Time please. My ode to all….

Desperate men follow desperate women down to the harbour…

She has an ebony face, which is without communication.

For all of her sixteen years she has been so forlorn,

Yet she still smells sweet as meadow.

But knows her love will not be replaced,

when she gives all over to the desperate soldier.

Desperately she clutches upon his long golden locks,

praying for the day there be a changing of the guards

and they may be the King and Queen of swords.

The soldier holds her to his chest,

Wants to light up her lonely world,

His bank-roll is stashed in her breast,

Round two coffee cups a future does unfold.

Promises…. Promises…. Promises.

She cries,,,

She sighs… with her head looking downward,

She cries….

Life aint that easy!!!

But reality calls upon her to venture onward…

Sad and lone, and without her soldier…..

She can’t spend,quanah under red light of danger.

Can you tell the difference between the local woman and the farm animals?

fiverI’ve fucking been there, we had to evacuate the inbred fuckers before the bore something quite incongruously inhuman. Believe me, the farm animals were first choice before the local women…. And they name a fiver after them…. Go-on yersel Salmond.

Health Warning!!!!

exportIt is not recommended by the Brewer, that 24 of these bottles of mind-fucking liquor be drank in one day by a person. If done so, it can be seriously damaging to one’s reputation. Especially while on the internet and in clear view of the entire fucking universe.

“The hanging of Turner” diary of John Parker. Year of our Lord 28th June 1666.


$(KGrHqRHJEsFDMRcvUtSBQ6zDNY3BQ~~60_35Up… and after sending my wife Ysme to my Auntie for a place to see my friend Turner hanged… I to the the bar, where we sat all the morn. We contemplated his crime of which ye shall yield for this day.

And at noon, seeing people flocking to the Square, I inquired and found that Turner was not yet quite hanged. And so went among them to Gallowhill.

There, for a shilling, got in great pain, to stand upon a cart, above an Houre before the execution was done. He delaying the action with time through long discourses and prayers one after another, in hopes of a reprieve; but none came.

And to the last was flung off the ladder in his Cloake. A comely-looked man he was and kept countenance and dignity till the end. I was sorry to see him… but shall dance ‘alongsidehim’ with the wolves, in the afterlife, when my time comes. It was estimated there were between 12 or 14 thousand people there to witness.